Birthday Coupon Template

By | November 28, 2014

Birthday coupon will be an ideal gift for birthday person because it will enable him/her to get his/her favorite item. Birthday coupons can be given to all people such as parents, children, friends and relatives. Birthday coupons can be easily designed at home and it is important to honor the value of birthday coupon. You can give personalize touch to birthday coupons by writing them with your own hand. Handmade birthday coupon will be a creative gift even for your dad. If you do not have enough money to buy a wonderful gift, you can design a birthday coupon according to the desires and personal wishes of birthday person.

Tips to Design Birthday Coupon

Birthday coupon will be a best option for those who do not have money to buy an expensive gift for their friends. Following are some tips that will help you to design perfect birthday coupon:

  • Select colorful paper of standard size that can be easily preserved in purse or wallet. You can choose white paper also to decorate it personally with different color, paints, pencils, sparkles etc. Lots of amazing images are available such as cake, balloons, ribbons and teddy bears.
  • Word “COUPON” should be written in bold and block letters at the top but center of the paper. Write description of coupon in small but clear words for the convenience of reader. Value of coupon may vary according to the nature of birthday coupon.
  • Consider the interests of recipient while selecting subject for the birthday coupon. For instance, if birthday person has interest to learn baking, you can design a coupon to offer free baking class for specific period of time. You can design coupon for free dance class, cooking class, English class, writing class, car wash, dish cleaning, free lunch, extra dessert, tea party or anything else.
  • You can design as many coupons as you want but write only promise those things that you can easily commit. You have to give value to the words of birthday coupon and fulfill your commitment on time, because your inability to meet with the commitment will send your friends away from you.
  • You can use ribbons, beads or anything else as per your choice. Different templates are also available for your use and you can easily modify these templates to design a best coupon for you.
  • Choose a standard size to design your coupon and laminate your coupon for its maximum security. It will be good to design a coupon book to secure different coupons in it. Expiry date is important to write so that the recipient can claim his/her gift within available period of time.
  • If you are designing birthday coupon, it will be good to write promotional lines and validity period of coupon to increase its authenticity. It should contain your logo and business contact numbers so that the customers can contact you at the time of need.

Birthday coupon will be a cost effective but attractive gift for the receiver. It will be an easy choice for you, so if you are worried about gift selection, it is time to opt for birthday coupon.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Birthday Coupon Template created using MS Word,

Birthday Coupon Template

Here is download link for this Birthday Coupon Template,

Download Birthday Coupon Template

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