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By | December 1, 2014

Coupons always remain in priority list of those persons who want to save some money. It is important to shop wisely in order to save some money for future to use in the retirement. Use of coupons is a simplest way to save some money for other uses. It is important to use all money saving techniques to maximize money in your pocket. Although, coupons offer great way to put some money aside but without proper system it can be inconvenient for you to handle heavy piles of coupon. It will require lots of time to search a specific coupon from the stacks of coupons. If you want to use valuable coupons on right time before expiry date, it is important to compile a coupon book.

Tips to Create Personal Coupon Book

A personal coupon book will help you to organize updated record therefore it is important to compile a personal coupon book. Following are some tips that will help you to create a personal coupon book:

Have a file or ring binder to stock up all coupons at one place. Some files give you facility to use envelops or plastic binder to organize all coupons within a single file.

Collect variety of coupon from websites and set coupons in file according to their type. You can download free coupons from the site and organize all coupons in alphabetical order according to the type of product and layout of store.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Coupon Book Template created using MS Word,


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Download Coupon Book Template

Identify your desires and get special coupon according to it such as you should have grocery coupons to buy grocery items at discount. Some shopping malls always offer discount coupons, get these coupons according to your needs and buy what you want.

In order to get better results, you should walk to the store with a notepad and write all required items that you want to shop with the price of each item. Get required coupons for the each item to hoard utmost amount of money.

Divide your coupon book in different parts and label according to the categories such as Meat, Dairy, Produce, Frozen Food, Grains, munchies and different other items. It will enable you to organize all coupons in the coupon book according to their types.

Classify coupons according to brand name so that you can easily find right coupon at the time of need. It will be good to use alphabetical tabs to organize all brands and products for easy search.

Place each coupon at suitable place so that you can find right one at right time. In order to get latest coupons, make a list of all stores and collect latest coupons according to the season. Every store and mall offers different coupons according to the events and festivals.

Arrange all coupons according to their expiry date to make sure the use of every coupon before their expiry date. Include different plastic binders in the folder to organize multiple coupons in one binder for your convenience.

Coupon book will help you to get more coupons as you can analyze available coupons and required coupons.

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