Dominos Discount Coupon Template

By | December 3, 2014

Dominos is also referred as a simple collective game in which make up a domino set (which is also called deck or pack) using small dominos tile pieces. When we talk in mathematical aspect, dominos is a rectangle that is made by joining two squares side by side. The traditional Sino-European dominos set which is also considered as the standard set, consists of 28 dominos pieces and other game related accessories such as bones, cards, tiles, tickets, stones and spinners. Each dominos is a rectangle which is divided into two equal halves by a black line in the centre and each part includes specific number of black dots or pips and sometimes it’s blank too. Playing dominos is similar to playing cards or dice which are also very popular games these days.

What is a Dominos coupon?

A coupon is just another name of a gift voucher which one uses to pay for the shopping or buying stuff from a particular place or store. This is kind of like a credit card but different in most ways as you can’t buy anything you want but there are limits and boundaries. For example if you have bought a coupon from Pizza Hut, you can only use it to eat in there but there is no use of this coupon in any other place no matter how much it worth. Dominos also offers number of coupons which you can use to buy related stuff from any outlets in the country or you can also gift it to your friend on birthday or wedding.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Dominos Discount Coupon Template created using MS Word,

Dominos Discount Coupon Template

Please see download link at the bottom,

Essential elements to add in a Dominos coupon:

  • Company’s name and logo along with its street address
  • Coupon’s serial number
  • Date of issue
  • Validity of the coupon and the expiry date
  • Owner’s name and address
  • Amount of money or types of services the coupon includes
  • A barcode which contains the necessary information of the coupon for verification.

Here are the guidelines to create a Dominos coupon:

  • First of all decide what the theme of your gift coupon will be. You can use formal, casual or humorous template depending upon your own choice.
  • Then you need to decide if you want graphics on the coupon or if you like it simple. With the help of this card you can also promote your business if you put a picture of your company or buses on the coupon.
  • Now it’s time to decide what should be written on the coupon as you want people to get to know you and your business but you can’t convince them to read a lengthy paragraph which they have to read thoroughly.
  • After that you can use a graphic program in which you just have to press some buttons and the software designs it in a few moments.
  • Then you can download the template into your computer to print it later or you can print it right away.
  • It’s recommended that if you are just a designer and there is someone else who has to approve the design, show him the template first and then print it.

Here is download link for this Dominos Discount Coupon Template,

Download Dominos Discount Coupon Template

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